What We Want You To Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

(revised 3/21/20) The wellness team at Alive and Well has been diligently following the developments of COVID-19. We’ve talked to a number of health care practitioners on the topic. We have received a tremendous amount of questions from the community about how to prevent or fight viruses…. this is a brief summary of what weRead more »

Is CBD Right For Me?

“Is CBD right for me?” This is the number one question our Wellness Team hears each day.  The popularity of CBD is relatively new, so understandably, there is uncertainty about its safety and effectiveness – and how to best incorporate it into one’s current wellness routine. Let us help clear the air and determine if itRead more »

Combat Cold & Flu Season with IV Vitamins

Your immune system is designed to protect you from illness every day, but it can become overwhelmed during the winter cold and flu season. It can also be weakened due to environmental factors such as poor sleep, diet, and stress. There are lots of quality oral supplements that can support the immune system, but your bodyRead more »