Journey Through The Chakras

A Yin practice is beautifully grounding, which is exactly what we all need in the Fall. This transitional season brings a change of weather and energy that can knock you out of balance, leading to anxiety, stress and even physical pain. Yoga Instructor, Sylvia Noha, is offering a centering workshop that will incorporate a YinRead more »

Powerful Benefits of Putting Your Feet in the Dirt!

E A R T H I N G —also called Grounding— is all about energetically connecting with Mother Earth. This, of course, is amazing on a soul/spiritual level but there’s also a more scientific angle to the practice. To put it briefly, when your bare feet (where your largest pours are) or skin comes in contactRead more »

Float Tank Therapy During Pregnancy

You likely don’t remember the sensation of floating in your mother’s belly, suspended in warm, amniotic fluid. But this idyllic feeling of weightlessness allows for very little stress or pressure on your growing body. Once born, we are immediately exposed to the forces of gravity, which of course is necessary to build strength and beRead more »