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Yoga For All — Heated and Non-Heated

Our yoga classes will help balance your lifestyle in mind and body by helping you develop strength, flexibility, body awareness, and mindfulness through intentional breath and movement. In heated classes, our deeply penetrating infrared heat can alleviate aches and pains, reduce inflammation, detoxify and more.

Our classes take place in our beautiful and soothing Bee Cave yoga studio. They’re taught by highly trained, knowledgeable and heart-centered individuals who LIVE yoga as a practice and lifestyle. Instructors are encouraging and welcoming to beginners and highly experienced yogis, alike.

We offer a variety of yoga classes in a range of intensities to suit all experience levels, needs, and preferences. Classes offered at our beautiful Bee Cave yoga studio at Alive + Well include: Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Non-Heated Yoga, Heated Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, & Yin Yoga.

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Styles of Yoga

Hatha: Balancing effort and ease, Hatha Yoga focuses on poses that increase the strength on one side of your body while stretching and opening the opposite side. Great for beginners and advanced yogis alike, Hatha dives deeper into the foundations of yoga.

Flow: A non-heated flow class builds upon sun salutations with a focus on alignment, breath and body awareness. Through steady and continuous movements, your body will generate heat from within. All levels welcome, though previous yoga experience is suggested.

Power (Infrared Heat): Power Yoga is a more rigorous flow yoga class practiced in a heated room where infrared light eliminates toxins, inflammation and more. This class strengthens, tones and detoxifies, leaving mind, body and spirit with a renewed sense of energy and balance. Previous yoga experience is suggested.

Vin/ Yin: Ease into your evening with a part Vinyasa Flow class, part Yin class. The flow portion will encourage strength building, increased flexibility and continuous poses linked with breath. During yin, restorative poses are held for several minutes allowing the body to soften and stretch beyond the muscle layer into the fascia, encouraging deep relaxation. All levels welcome.

Gentle: Perfect for anyone seeking a more gentle practice, this is a slower class that includes the fundamentals of yoga and provides you with props and modifications that support your individual needs. All levels are welcome.

Yin: experienced on the floor and uses props for full support. Poses are held for several minutes, allowing the body to soften. As muscles and fascia gradually open, tension releases and energy flow improves. This practice also increases flexibility and mobility in the joints. All levels welcome.

Meditation: supports you in cultivating a deeper sense of calm, inner peace, joy, ease and mental awareness. Conducted in a peaceful atmosphere and guided by one of our experienced meditation teachers, each class begins with centering and progresses into guided meditation that leaves you relaxed and able to more peacefully embrace your day.  All levels welcome.

Functional Movement: Francheska offers a unique mobility and functional movement class using foundational bodyweight movements. The class is designed for beginners as well as experienced athletes. Improve strength, flexibility, range of motion and body awareness.

Yoga Pricing, Packages & Bundles Options

  • First Class: FREE
    • $8.00 per class
    • Single Yoga Class: $18.00
    • 5-Class Pass: $75.00
    • 10-Class Pass: $130.00
    • First Timers: 1 Month Unlimited: $79.00
  • Unlimited Yoga + Infrared Sauna Membership:
    • $99.00 per month (3 month minimum)
    • $130 month to month
  • Private Lesson (60 minutes): $99 (Please call for an appointment), add a second person for $40
  • Private Yoga Therapy Session (60 minutes): $135 (Please call for an appointment)
    Includes one yoga class + a 30-minute infrared sauna + B12 shot + a meal at Elle’s Cafe – Price: $75
    Includes one yoga class + a 30-minute infrared sauna + a 60-minute massage or acupuncture session + a meal at Elle’s Café  – Price: $150

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