Acupuncture promotes natural self-healing and balance within the body. Tiny acupuncture needles are inserted at specific points along acupuncture meridians, or pathways, to allow the body’s healing energy, or qi, to flow to areas of deficiencies or blocks. Balance in the meridians can benefit the body in many ways to address ailments, move energy and create a more balanced, restored, and renewed sense of vitality.

After acupuncture, many individuals share that they feel increased energy, calm, improved mood, fewer aches/pains, and an overall sense of feeling balanced.


Balance In The Meridians Can Benefit The Body In The Following Ways:

Balancing the neurological and nervous system

Reducing aches, pains, and inflammation

Musculoskeletal issues

Balancing hormones and other endocrine disorders

Stress management

Support respiratory issues like asthma & allergies

Gastrointestinal imbalances


Immune support

Enhanced mental clarity


Pricing and Add-ons


60 Minute
90 Minute


30 Minutes

Add Cupping to your Acupuncture Session

15 minute Cupping - $20

*Complimentary 15 minute infrared sauna time with 60 min acupuncture sessions.

Acupuncture Team

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Cindy Nilson DOM, LAc


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Sarah Ellen Leach MAcOM, LAc


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