Mind & Movement


Balance Mind, Body and Spirit

Join us for a restorative yoga class to help balance your lifestyle in mind and body. Enjoy our classes either virtually or in the beautiful Alive + Well Yoga Studio.

Support your flexibility, mobility and circulation with Fascial Stretch therapy. Your therapist will combine different techniques to release, relax, and stretch the tissues and fibers.

To complete the mind body connection, we also offer the Voila Method. With the Voila Method we can get to the root cause of the pain by communicating to the subconscious.


Yoga and Stretch

Join us for a restorative movement class to energize the body and calm the mind.



Yoga will help balance you in mind and body by helping to develop strength, flexibility and mindfulness through intentional breath and movement.

Fascial Stretch

Fascial stretching lengthens and re-aligns the fascia tissue in order to increase circulation, reduce pain and eliminate trigger points

Voila Method

With the Voila Method, we can get to the root cause of the pain by communicating to the subconscious.

Yoga Classes

Fascial Stretch & Voila Method


Pricing and Add-ons

Studio Classes

First class is always free and you have the option to pay by class for $18

5 Class Pass
10 Class Pass

Fascial Stretch

Schedule now for treatment in the Alive + Well studio.

30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes

Voila Method

Schedule through TK Stretching for treatment in Alive + Well studio.

60 minutes
90 minutes

Private Yoga Sessions

Private Lessons and Yoga Therapy sessions range from $99- $135 for an hour. Please contact our Hospitality Team to schedule.


Great experience at Alive + Well with the Wellness Retreat package where I took a meditative Yin yoga class, used the infrared sauna, had lunch at their cafe Elle''s, and finished the day with a 1 hour massage. Great customer service at the front desk too!

– Brittney