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Built around a shared philosophy of whole health, Alive + Well takes a holistic approach to heal mind, body and spirit through conventional and innovative techniques. Explore our restorative therapies as part of a coordinated wellness program - or occasionally treat yourself to an indulgent moment of self care.

Wellness Spa

Our spa therapies go a step beyond traditional services by encouraging balance of the mind, body and spirit in all of our treatments.

Holistic Therapies

Support your overall well-being with our restorative and healing holistic therapies designed to complement your wellness protocol.

Movement Classes

Moving the body mindfully is integral to staying fit, mobile and well. Our classes aim to focus you mentally and strengthen you physically.

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Join us for an individual yoga class or healing therapy - or indulge with a Retreat Day Pass to explore a selection of restorative services.


Featured Content

13 Jan 2021

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

A plant-based diet, when incorporated in a balanced way, can have incredible benefits for your overall health. I have a few easy tips for incorporating more plant based meals into your world. 

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7 Jan 2021

7 Factors That Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight

With the start of the new year, we definitely see an influx in weight loss programs and "get fit" campaigns, but how do we make long lasting changes and identify the ROOT of what may be influencing our challenges - especially with fat loss. 
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28 Dec 2020

What's Your Metabolic Health Score?

Do you know your metabolic health score? If you score outside the range of these basic health status metrics, it may be time to consider some lifestyle adjustments. 

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