Journey Through The Chakras

A Yin practice is beautifully grounding, which is exactly what we all need in the Fall. This transitional season brings a change of weather and energy that can knock you out of balance, leading to anxiety, stress and even physical pain. Yoga Instructor, Sylvia Noha, is offering a centering workshop that will incorporate a Yin yoga practice with meditation and an exploration of the Chakras to lead you towards balance and equanimity.

This calming and focused practice allows time and peace to connect your seven main energy centers, the 7 Chakras, that reside in the body. Each one of the Chakras corresponds to a specific organ and emotional psychological state of being.  We want energy to flow freely through these Chakra “wheels” to nourish your physical and mental body. A blockage in this pathway leads to physical or emotional stress.

We can direct flow through these energy centers and open them up utilizing specific poses, visualization and essential oils. Most likely, one or two of these energy centers in particular will resonate with you and then learn how best to serve yourself in your current state.

You will be guided safely through this practice, feeling grounded and rejuvenated at the same time!