Alive + Well Memberships

Alive + Well offers an inclusive environment with a wide variety of wellness options and price points, including single purchase services and classes, packages and bundles, and memberships. Memberships are available for those who plan to visit Alive + Well regularly to make use of services in a way that supports their overall health, well-being and schedule. By selecting a membership, your monthly fee will be far less than if you paid for the services individually.

Total Wellness Membership

The Total Wellness Membership is for those who are interested in more amenities, unlimited yoga and Drip Drop IV!

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited amenities
    • Sauna
    • Foot Bath
    • Float Tank
  • Unlimited yoga and meditation
  • 10% off massage and acupuncture
  • 10% off wellness supplements
  • Drip Drop IV Membership Pricing
Monthly Price: $225
Three month membership commitment & 30-day cancellation notice required.

Unlimited Amenities Membership

Come to Alive + Well and get unlimited access to all of our amenities!

Amenities include:

  • 3 wave infrared sauna
  • Ionic foot bath
  • Float tank
Monthly Price: $169
Three month membership commitment, plus a 30-day cancellation notice required.

The Alive + Well Membership

Many who come to Alive + Well will want to spend a lot of time here. If that sounds like you, we’ve developed this membership with you in mind. Previously the Joy Ride Membership, the Alive + Well Membership is a step above now including unlimited amenities!

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited amenities
    • Float Tank
    • Infrared Sauna
    • Foot Bath
  • 1 service
    • massage
    • acupuncture
  • Unlimited Yoga and Meditation
  • Drip Drop IV Membership
  • 1 entree per week at Elle’s Cafe
  • 10% off supplements and additional services
Monthly Price: $325
3 month membership commitment & 30-day cancellation notice required.

Drip Drop IV Vitamin

Would you like to be a monthly “Dripper” and regularly receive IV Vitamin Therapy? Would you like to get a FREE monthly B12 shot and a FREE birthday drip? Experience our ten different IV drip combinations, in addition to Vitamin C and Glutathione IVs. Your monthly membership provides you access to members-only pricing for drips, boosters, shots, and a discount on wellness supplements.

Membership Includes:

  • One $99 IV drip each month*
  • One free B-12 shot per month
  • 20% off all subsequent IV drips, boosters and shots
  • 15% friends & family discount on drips, boosters and shots
  • Complimentary birthday IV drip
  • 10% off supplements
Monthly Price: $50.00
Three month membership commitment & 30-day cancellation notice required. *Premium Drip and Beauty Drip are not eligible for $99 first monthly IV Drip or Complementary Birthday IV Drip; however, a 20% discount for those drips will be applied for members.

Unlimited Yoga Membership

For all our regular yogi and yoginis out there, we would love to see you often! This unlimited membership allows you to enjoy a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes. We have heated and non-heated classes, power yoga, flow classes, hatha, gentle and over 55 classes. See you on the mat!

Monthly Price: $99.00
Three month membership commitment & 30-day cancellation notice required.