IV Vitamin Therapy Business Consulting

Interested in the business of IV vitamin therapy, but need someone with industry expertise to eliminate the trial-and-error of starting up a new business?

We’ve been in your shoes. When we founded Drip Drop, we hired a consultant who proved to be immensely valuable in helping us reach where we are today. That experience, coupled with our own research and real-world expertise, has allowed us to work out the kinks so that you don’t have to.

Our consultation packages are customizable to meet your business needs. We take the time to truly understand where you are and where you’re going. Through a series of one-on-one meetings and hands-on training, our Director of Operations will walk you through a variety of topics to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to be successful.


Consultation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Product creation and management
  • Industry-leading medical practices and standards of care
  • Most efficient and effective medical supplies for the industry
  • Drip combinations, dosing, and benefits
  • Best vial wholesalers for quality and cost
  • Business best practices and strategies
  • Operational best practices
  • Legal considerations and best practices

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