Wellness Programs


Targeted Wellness Program

Our team takes a patient-first, holistic approach designed to listen to you, your body and understand your health.

Our practitioners will offer you a personalized approach to wellness over a 3 month period, addressing your most pressing health concern. Our Functional Dietitian will customize a targeted health plan utilizing a thorough health profile and diagnostic functional labs. Our Health Coach will provide you the support, guidance and education you need to optimize your wellness journey, in addition to acting as an accountability partner.

This comprehensive functional approach, with its dedicated, supportive team of practitioners, can dramatically increase the likelihood that you'll achieve a positive outcome.

Functional Medicine

Targeted Wellness Program

Choose the health concern where you most need support. Our practitioners will focus on this specific issue in order for you to see positive results in a short time frame.

Gut Health

$195 /mo

Restore a normal microbial balance and address key markers indigestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function.

Hormone Optimization

$195 /mo

Tackle hormones in order to improve mood, libido, body weight, attitude,and energy.

Thyroid Balance

$185 /mo

Address the thyroid from a holistic standpoint to support energy levels,weight management, and more.

Weight Loss

$175 /mo

Ideal for those looking to jumpstart their metabolism and lose the stubborn weight.

Brain Function and Focus

$175 /mo

Optimize your focus and memory while nourishing your brain to improvemental performance.

Stress, Mood and Adrenals

$195 /mo

Address mood imbalances and sleep cycles while providing you withthe tools to take on stressful situations.

Heart Health

$174 /mo

Improve markers of cardiometabolic health while preventing your risk ofheart conditions in the future.

Optimized Wellness

$195 /mo

Review overall micronutrient and mineral status to ensure adequate nutritional status and optimized health.

Wellness Program

Your Steps To Wellness

The Alive + Well Team is here to support you through the entire 3 month process.


Discovery Call

Practitioner calls to coordinate and review program

Functional Dietitian

Review your health history, discuss goals and start your targeted plan.

Advanced Lab Testing

Complete the functional lab test recommended by the dietitian.

Health Coach

Discuss and review lifestyle recommendations and progress

Functional Dietitian

Review your test results and establish personalized plan.

Health Coach

Review progress and refine plan, if necessary.

Health Coach

Check in to update progress and implement and new lifestyle changes

Functional Dietitian

Celebrate success and identify a plan for long-lasting outcomes.
Our Providers

Our Providers

Our providers will help you make sustainable and impactful changes to your lifestyle that support your overall health goals and quality of life.

Dana Faris, RDN, LD

Registered Licensed Dietitian

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Kellye Ojeda, FMCHC

Certified Health Coach, Wellness Manager

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Josh Coons, PharmD


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Meg Kate Dwyer, ACN

Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Herbalist

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Layla Tavakolian

Wellness Manager, Community Liaison

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Stacey Chmiel, MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

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