Functional Lab Testing


Functional Medicine Lab Tests

We use advanced diagnostic testing to uncover underlying dysfunctions. Functional panels measure a wide variety of biomarkers, well beyond the standard blood panels in conventional medicine.​​​​ The tests take us deeper into the body to highlight potential issues to be addressed, with the goal of identifying a health trend BEFORE it manifests into a disease.

Our practitioners can help determine if functional testing is necessary and what tests will be most beneficial based on your unique health concerns. With this objective diagnostic data and a thorough health evaluation, our practitioners can create a personalized treatment plan, tailored to your unique physiology.

*All testing requires an initial consultation with our Wellness Practitioners.*

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Functional Medicine Testing


Functional Lab Testing

Our functional practitioners can help navigate the lab testing process and determine which tests, if any, will offer the most beneficial diagnostic information for your personal concerns.


Select Your Test

Our functional practitioners can help determine the right testing for your specific health goals.

Complete The Test

Depending on the type of test, you'll complete the lab testing at home or at a local lab.

Review Your Results

Our practitioner will review your results.

Create a Plan

Optionally, our practitioners can tailor a personalized treatment plan based on the test results.

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