McCall McPherson

Hi, I’m McCall McPherson, you can find more about my academic accomplishments below, but I thought I’d start with the more interesting stuff. You can a more in-depth understanding of who I am and how I practice on my website at Modern Thyroid Clinic.

I ended up in this fascinating niche of medicine for a few reasons. Probably the most profound was my own health problem, hypothyroidism that I simply could not get managed and it left me almost non-functional for about 6 months. It wasn’t until I found an integrative physician to truly sort it out that I got my life back. The other was spending a few years practicing traditional psychiatry. I started noticing many of my patients really had underlying physiological conditions that were causing or contributing to their mental health struggles. Many of which weren’t traditionally being screened for. At some point in this practice, I picked up my train and put it on a different set of tracks, so to speak, and began my pursuit of integrative and functional psychiatry. As years passed I’ve expanded my practice to include treatment of a full scope of functional medicine. I now frequently treat gut disruption, fatigue, hormonal issues including hormone replacement for both females and males, and chronic health struggles that have been unresolved in traditional medicine-to mention a few. Of course, I continue to be deeply passionate about absolutely optimal thyroid management and integrative psychiatry.

I’m a licensed and nationally certified Physician Assistant with prescriptive authority. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree from Texas State University in Psychology in San Marcos, Texas. I then packed up my bags and moved to New York City to earn a Master’s Degree as well as an additional Bachelor’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Mercy. I’ve received training through numerous IMMH (Integrative Medicine for Mental Health) conferences and mentorships and began my certification from the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine in 2015.

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