Lizzie Brooks

Lizzie has been teaching students of all levels and all ages since 2000 and is a published writer on Yoga International and Elephant Journal. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between, Lizzie constructs a flow that includes something for everyone. She feels like a “Mama Bear” to her students, and loves celebrating the big and the little positive shifts that yoga can bring.

Lovingly referred to as a “yoga mutt,” she does not follow any one particular lineage, but instead studies many different styles of yoga, to piece together a practice that is the most beneficial, therapeutic, and fun for her students.

Her classes are a mixing bowl of mindful movement, breath, challenge, surrender, and most likely a few bad jokes. She hopes to teach students that there is a fine line between going deeper into a pose and forcing a change that the body isn’t ready for. All of this is done with a sense of depth and humor.

Lizzie lives in Austin with her husband, son, and three dogs. They put up with her bad jokes daily.