Lisa Love

Lisa sought out the practice of yoga to help with her severe scoliosis. As she experienced the incredible healing benefits of yoga she decided to become a teacher. After having major corrective surgery, yoga became a huge part of her physical therapy and helped tremendously with not only her physical healing but mental and emotional healing as well. Having had her own physical challenges while practicing yoga, she maintains a class where everyone can participate regardless of physical limitations. She always sees herself as a consummate student, eager to learn and grow along her yogic journey. When not teaching yoga, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and son as well as her four dogs.

Lisa completed her 500 hour yoga training under the guidance of master yoga therapist Ranjitha Sandeep of Yoga Sutra for Life. She also holds a 100 hour certification in yoga therapy and alignment through Yoga Dharma by Amy Cronise-Mead. A 200 hour certification through Yoga Sutra For Life, as well as an additional 200 hour yoga training under Carly Porrello-Hamlett of Regeneration Institute.