Cindy Nilson

Cindy Nilson is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Full Mesa Carrier, Reiki Master and Intuitive advisor. Utilizing acupuncture, energy-infused acupressure massage therapy and body psychology, she integrates teachings from eastern medicine, shamanism, energy/chakra healing and archetypal patterns to provide a unique diagnostic perspective and treatment experience. Specializing in how stress, our thoughts and emotions affect the physical body, and resourcing from the 10,000 hours spent honing her work, Cindy creates new and exciting collaboratives to her foundations in acupuncture therapy. She believes joining Alive + Well is the joyous culmination of her work and is excited to share this beautiful environment and healing space with her clients.

Cindy holds a B.A. from Texas A&M University and a Masters degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. In 1999 she received her Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the New Mexico State Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. A native of Central Texas, she has been in private practice in Lakeway, where she lives happily married, raising kids.