Apothecary Compounding Pharmacy

Focusing on wellness and health from the inside out, our goal is to be the community’s go-to resource for living, being, and staying well.

In addition to compounding custom medication and supplements for the entire family (including pets), we also fill traditional prescriptions. Most insurance is accepted and copays are the same as they would be at any other pharmacy.

Both our shelves and online store are chock-full of the most popular wellness supplements and products. We offer FREE delivery in Texas for purchases over $50, as well as personalized consultations with top nutritionists and dietitians.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Using pure, pharmaceutical grade products and ingredients, we prepare a custom drug, as prescribed by a physician, to meet our patients’ unique needs.

Through compounding, we’re able to modify dosages beyond that which is commercially available, eliminate fillers or ingredients to which a patient may be sensitive, and create medication in various forms of administration, including capsules, liquids, topical creams and ointments, vaginal preparations, lollipops, troches, and suppositories.

Pharmaceutical compounding can provide creative and insightful solutions to difficult problems people may have with taking commercial drugs. Compounding specialists can make medications that are no longer commercially available, create pediatric dosing, combine compatible drugs for easier administration, and create diverse dosage forms such as lollipop or topical cream.

Starting with individual ingredients, a compounding pharmacist can make prescriptions more palatable by cutting out preservatives, dyes, and fillers that patients may be sensitive to. Drug compounding can also produce medicine with special flavors and scents for kids. If you have a pet that has difficulty taking medicine, veterinary medication can also be customized to their needs.

The result is medication that is specially formulated to address each patient’s individual needs.

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