Integrated Health & Wellness Solutions

All Under One Roof

Located in the Bee Cave community, Alive + Well is the greater Austin area’s first and only integrated health and wellness home. Built around a shared philosophy of whole health, our team of specialists collaborates to treat both the mind and body through conventional and innovative techniques, seeking long-term solutions to address your unique health and wellness concerns. Our mission is to be a single source that helps you navigate the sometimes confusing web of treatment options and to get to the root of your health issues to achieve optimum wellness.

Wellness Practitioners

McCall McPherson PA-C
Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioner
Barry SmeltzerBarry Smeltzer MPAS, PA-C
Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioner
Natalie Olsen RD, LD, ACSM EP-C
Registered Dietitian
Jen HilmanJen Hilman LMT
Massage Therapist
Veronica Galindo-RiosVeronica Galindo-Rios LMT
Massage Therapist
Cindy Nilson DOM, LAc

Our Story

Health care is a broad and evolving discipline, encompassing a variety of cultural and philosophical practices. The ability to care for one’s well-being affects every individual’s quality of life, and often their families’ as well. The founders of Alive + Well have set out to cultivate an integrated wellness community by supporting healthy and mindful living to help guests express optimum health and newfound tranquility throughout life.

The son of a small-town, community pharmacist, Adam Metcalf grew up immersed in the pharmacy world of yesteryear, and witnessed the dedication and personalized care with which his father served his patients. Inspired by the way his father assumed his important role as a community health resource, Adam aspired to redefine the prevailing modern model of “sick care” by returning to one focused on health restoration and preservation. After the opening of his first store, Hill Country Apothecary, he had new hopes of providing a wider-range of customizable health and wellness services outside of compounded pharmaceuticals and supplements. His idea for an integrated health and wellness center would encourage community, healthy eating, and mindful self-care.

Shannon Haas, a significant influencer in Alive + Well’s genesis, has always felt compelled to help others. With an education specializing in Clinical Counseling, Life Coaching and Nutrition, Shannon has worked in non-profits for over 12 years with children, youth, and couples. She later went on to work as a wellness coach and counselor in the tech industry in Austin. Shannon’s work is grounded in wellness practices that honor clarity of mind, emotions, and heart, as powerful facilitators of healing the physical body itself. As the Operations Manager at Alive + Well, she considers it an honor to provide the authentic and compassionate support people need to step deeply into their healing and inner transformation. She considers Conscious Leadership to be one of her most recent passions in life. She has seen firsthand how providing team members with an environment that promotes and encourages their best self not only affects their inner growth but will be immediately felt by guests the moment they walk into Alive + Well.

In their careers, both Adam and Shannon have traveled outside of the US and witnessed the broad scope of approaches communities take to living well. Through their experiences, they have come away with a vast knowledge and also the appreciation for proactively caring for one’s mental state to heal the whole self. So it’s through Alive + Well that they are able to offer all-encompassing health and wellness care to their community and encourage long-term, lasting healing.