What is a BioMat?

The BioMat is a licensed medical device that includes infrared heat, which give off negative ions, in combination with thousands of amethyst crystals that help to transfer the heat to the body.  Plus, amethyst crystals are very grounding and balancing for the body, mind and spirit.

Rest, relax and de-stress as you enjoy the healing infrared heat and amethyst crystals. You will also reap the benefits of the biomat during all of our table massages – you’ll notice the warm sensation as soon as you lie on the table.

Benefits of a BioMat:

  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces aches, pain and stiffness
  • Boosts your metabolism and therefore supportive of weight management
  • Restorative to the adrenal glands, reducing stress and fatigue in the body
  • Very balancing for the body

BioMat Session, Package & Pricing Options

  • Individual Sessions
    • 30 minutes: $30.00
    • Mon, TH, Fri 3-6:00PM
  • Session Bundles
    • 4 Pack of Assorted Amenities for $119.00

Individual BioMat sessions can be purchased & scheduled below, and bundles can be purchased by clicking on the bundle above.

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