Samantha Oswald

Sam has always felt deep communion with the earth and all of its creatures, she grew up in a small town where she spent a lot of time in nature. After college she worked at a big cat sanctuary, as well as other animal institutions, taking care of monkeys, hippos, wolves, bears, and many more creatures big and small! While caring for animals for years, she found yoga initially as a way to stay connected to her body, and to support her own physical and emotional well being. As she deepened her yoga practice she knew she felt called to teach yoga and help others cultivate that connection to their breath and body. Sam believes in the alchemy of healing physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self through yoga. Her practice is flow based, breath centered, and focuses on feeling deeply while moving energy in a grounding and strengthening way.

Sam teaches a playful and nourishing class focused on listening to the body. The breath is used as a tool to access presence and guide each pose. Class, typically, is an alignment-based mash that begins with pranayama and then builds into a strengthening and heat building flow. There will be opportunities for arm balances or inversion, as well as moments of deep relaxation and surrender. Sam believes that the practice of yoga can extend into our self expression and relationship with the world, thus creating a more conscious and compassion filled life…all while having a blast practicing yoga! RYT 200, PRYT 85