Jody Emerson

Jody Emerson is a vibrant, mature and adventurous yoga teacher. Jody began the practice of yoga during her mid-40’s and went on to teacher training a decade later. She believes that yoga is the key to aging radiantly, allowing us to live passionate, positive, adventurous lives no matter what decade we find ourselves moving into. Jody was born in New York and has resided in Austin since 1972. She is grateful to be living in a progressive, health conscious city like Austin. She retired from accounting in 2011, to follow her passion for the healing arts. She now teaches yoga, leads meditation, sound healing meditations and community drum circles. She strongly believes that it’s never too late to start a yoga practice and welcomes newcomers to attend her classes. She is committed to building community and inspiring others to follow their own passions, living each day as if it were a new adventure. Aging isn’t for the faint of heart, so staying strong and flexible in body, mind and spirit is a must and that’s what Jody’s classes are all about.